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Brow lift surgery usually takes an hour or two to complete.

Brow lift surgery is a procedure that is performed in order to raise skin, soft tissue and resolve the appearance of a heavy, tired or angry-looking brow. The procedure can go a long way in improving one’s overall appearance, and is often ideal for those who have an asymmetrical or sagging brow area. In some cases, brow lift surgery is performed along with other facial procedures, but can also be done as a stand-alone treatment. Read on to find out how long the surgery usually takes, and what you can expect from the process…

Why consider a brow lift?

The brow can begin to sag or lower as part of the natural ageing process. This often occurs as the result of a loss of elasticity in the skin and soft tissues of the face. When the brow lowers, it can contribute to a tired or angry-looking appearance. By raising the position of the brow, it is often possible to achieve a more youthful-looking appearance.

How long does it take?

Brow lift surgery generally takes between one and two hours to complete. The exact duration of your procedure will depend on the type of surgical technique that your surgeon deems most appropriate for you.

Some of the possible techniques that may be used include endoscopic brow lift, in which small incisions are made behind the hairline through which tiny surgical instruments are inserted; coronal brow lift, in which an incision is made behind the hairline across the top of the head; and hairline brow lift, in which skin and tissue is removed from the top of the forehead instead of the scalp.

What can you expect from the recovery?

After your surgery is complete, your surgeon will let you know how to take care of your incisions. They will also recommend some medications to help alleviate any pain and discomfort that you feel. It is completely normal to experience some swelling — you may find it helpful to apply a cold compress to the affected area to minimise this side effect.

You may experience swelling for a few weeks but this, along with any discomfort that you feel, will gradually resolve with time. Your surgeon will let you know when you can begin all of your usual activities again. Any sutures that you have will typically be removed after around a week to ten days following surgery.

What kind of results can you expect?

Once the swelling has subsided, you will begin to notice the results of your brow loft procedure. The skin and soft tissues of your brow and forehead will be raised to a higher position, and you can expect your face to take on a refreshed and generally more youthful aesthetic. Your eyes will also appear more open than before, and any heaviness over your eyes will be reduced.

How can we help?

Regardless of your age, if you are unhappy with the appearance of your brow and would like to achieve a more youthful look, then brow lift surgery may be worth considering. We encourage you to speak to Dr Sophie Ricketts about whether the treatment is right for you and to raise any questions or concerns that you have during your consultation. It is important that you are fully informed before going ahead with any cosmetic procedure.

To find out more about brow lift surgery with Dr Sophie Ricketts, please have a look here.

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