Breast Lift

Breast lift or “Mastopexy” recreates a better shape to the breast.

Who gets a breast lift?

Women with deflated breasts after pregnancy and breast feeding or those that have lost significant amounts of weight and therefore lost volume in the breasts leaving the skin stretched and the breasts droopy.

There is a third group of women who just naturally have a droopy breast shape and wish to have this corrected.

Will I need an implant as well?

If you are happy with the size of your breasts in a non-padded bra then the answer to this question is “No”. Breast lift surgery takes away skin, it does not take away any significant amount of breast volume, so as your breast is lifted and shaped it sort of ‘augments’ itself. If you are not happy with your size in an unpadded bra and would like to be fuller, then you may need an implant as well as the lift.

Are there scars?

The scar will either be a circle around the nipple, a lollipop shape (around the nipple and vertically under the nipple) or an anchor shape (around the nipple, vertical and horizontally in the fold under the breast). The pattern of scar will depend on how much skin needs to be removed. The first two patterns are the most common.

Can I breast feed after a lift?

Generally yes, you will still have milk producing glands that function and open into the nipple. There may be some disruption to a portion of the milk producing gland, and you may expect to have to supplement your breast milk.

Will my nipples still have feeling after surgery?

There is sometimes a decrease in nipple sensation after lift. This is highly variable however. Some women feel no change in the feeling, some lose some feeling and others have increased feeling. It is rare to lose feeling completely.

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