Face &
Neck Lift

A Face Lift reverses the changes that have occurred to our face through the effects of aging, sun damage and gravity. Aging causes fat to shrink in critical places that once kept the skin plump and firm such as around the eyes and cheeks. Aging also shrinks our skeleton so the bony foundation of our face is no longer as strong. Sun damage leaves our skin crepey and gravity pulls the skin and soft tissue of the face downwards. Some parts of the face are stuck more firmly to the skeleton underneath than others and at these areas we see dark hollows and adjacent puffiness or drooping such as the jawline (‘jowls’) and the sides of the mouth (“nasolabial folds” and “marionette lines”).

Since the frightening wind-tunnel looks of the 80s techniques have evolved to be natural yet lasting with much shorter downtimes than some of the techniques of the 90s. As a result, we are seeing people benefiting from, and willing to undergo surgery at an earlier age.

Most importantly your surgeon must evaluate what your face needs as a whole. There are many adjunctive techniques such as neck lift, cheek implants and fat transfer that can be used to enhance your outcome.

What is the down-time?

The hospital stay is only one night and recovery time is around two weeks. By that time your bruising will be gone and with some light makeup you will look okay to go out. The cheeks feel firm and a little stiff to start with and soften over about 3-4 months.

What about the scars?

The scars are placed along the front of the ear and sideburn area and to a variable degree extend behind the ear too. With proper technique, the scars generally heal very well but if you are someone who wears their hair tied back a lot on close inspection the scar may be visible.

How long will my face lift last?

There are many factors that determine the longevity of a face lift including at what age you have it, your skin quality at the time, and the technique used. A good face lift should not only reverse the effects of time, but slow the future effects of aging. On average though, you should expect to see up to 10 years benefit from a face lift.

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Neck Lift

We can all thank our parents for how we look. The neck is no exception. Some people are born with the genetics that will give them a less favourable neck. In profile or ‘side-on’ view we’d all like a well-defined jaw a chin-neck angle. Sometime genetics and excess fat in this area under the chin mean that the area under our chin and onto the neck are poorly defined and droopy.

Neck lift surgery removes fat, creates definition where the chin joins the neck and in conjunction with a facelift will tighten the skin along the front of the neck and jawline.

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