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Breast Reduction

Dr. Sophie Ricketts - Accreditation

Is Breast reduction surgery for you?

Breast reduction surgery addresses the problems women experience from heavy breasts. In addition to fixing any issues, the shape and appearance of the breasts are also improved with the surgery.

Is breast reduction for me?

If you experience neck and shoulder pain, poor posture, shoulder grooves from bra straps, rashes under the breasts, stretched areolas, difficulty fitting clothing and inability to exercise – you may benefit from surgery. Women are often also self-conscious and embarrassed by their breasts and reduction surgery gives them a noticeable improvement in self-confidence. Overall breast reduction patients are overwhelmingly happy after surgery! This is really satisfying as a surgeon.

What is the down-time?

The hospital stay is usually just one night. Recovery is around two to three weeks. Return to full, high impact exercise is six weeks but less vigorous exercise can commence well before that.

Can I breast feed after breast reduction?

Generally yes, you will still have milk producing glands that function and open into the nipple. The amount of breast that you have after the surgery is less though, and you should expect to have to supplement your breast milk to sustain your baby.

Will my nipples still have feeling after surgery?

There is frequently some decrease in nipple sensation after breast reduction. This is highly variable however. Some women feel no change in the feeling, some lose some feeling and others have increased feeling. It is rare to lose feeling completely.