Male breast development can occur for many reasons. Some of these causes of gynaecomastia can be reversed or addressed but some can’t and therefore need correction.

How is the surgery done?

Liposuction is almost always used first to remove as much of the fatty content of the breasts. If there is a remaining remnant of firmer glandular tissue that the liposuction can’t get then this is surgically removed through an incision under the pink areola part of the nipple. It is less common to have to remove skin as this shrinks with time after the liposuction. Sometimes if the breasts are very droopy skin needs to be removed. This will be evaluated at your consultation.

Are there scars?

The only time there are noticeable scars is if skin needs to be removed. This is luckily less common, so the majority of gynaecomastia surgery is done with no, or barely visible, scarring.

What is the recovery?

This is a day procedure. After you leave hospital you will need to wear a compression garment to reduce swelling and help the skin shrink for three weeks. Recovery is about two weeks, but full active exercise of the upper body not until six weeks. The swelling and skin shrinkage will take around three months.

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